Lil’ fella here is spending some time with Popo cos I got an appt with my gynae this morning.

Aiyoh! So happy to go gai-gai!

Anyway, this appt with my gynae is to implant the IUD/IUC – a form of contraception. So, no danger of no. 3. Cos my husband didn’t want to “take one for the team”. Also, Micronor is apparently completely sold out in Sg cos the supplier is not bringing it in anymore. Why ah?? Why ahhh??? Breastfeeding mums dun need contraception issit?!? Raaaaarrr!



About my IUD experience…

Ok, since quite a few people asked, I shall try to share a bit more.

Disclaimer and also, honestly speaking, I really didn’t do much research or anything about contraceptives. I also cannot tell you exactly how it works or what my gynae did (errr cos I cannot see what he was doing) except whatever he said to me. So, please consult your own doctor, and do your own due diligence.


So, when I asked my gynae about contraceptives other than pills (Micronor is the breastfeeding safe one which is now OOS in Singapore), he told me about a few options. His recommendation was the IUD cos first, it was the most effective. I think like 99.99% or something, as compared to the injection which was about 70% (? i can’t remember exactly but I recall the odds were not as great) plus, he mentioned that it was more prone to side effects as well.

So I ruled that out even though it was the simplest solution to me. I not scared of jabs ma.

Also, jabs last for like 3 mths (?) I think and have to keep going back to get it whereas IUD can last for 5 years! So in his words “Put in and don’t need to think about it for 5 years!”.

@littlemisshappygrumps I can’t recall if my gynae told me about the implant but basically, his recommendation was still IUD la.

Actually, I would have totally done it after giving birth to ED if not for the fact that D was quite against it. He’d rather I take the pill than have something put in me. Not his body leh, my body leh. Dunno he scared what. 🤷🏻‍♀️

So anyway, since no more Micronor, bobian loh, he agreed. (Why my body he must agree one ah?!?! #slavelife)

The Procedure

My gynae told me,

“It will hurt a little, but not that bad if you have given birth before.”

LOL what kinda assurance is that?!? I could only laugh and reply,”o…kay…”

So I lie down and got prepped.

First, my gynae did a quick and painless clean, erm, inside.

Then, the device is inserted and that is when it gets a bit…uncomfortable. There was a shot or two of pain, but not VERY pain. It’s also not the dilation check type of pain. I hated those checks during labour.

If I had to isolate the pain, it is more where your cramps would be but instead of a numbing whole area pain, it is a small, sharp pinch in your womb type.

Haha I hope I am not scaring anyone but it was very fast. Just that I did not expect it cos was chitchatting with my gynae. Hahaha

My gynae said he would give me “a jab” to make it less painful. I have no idea what that means – an injection? Inside? I really dunno la but it did numb the pain after that.

The only thing is, after the “jab”, I felt a bit woozy. My ears started to block and I could feel myself leading towards a blackout even though I was completely conscious. THEN, my gynae tells me that the jab may make me feel a bit weird cos it lowers my blood pressure for 5-10mins. No wonder la!!!

The whole thing was pretty fast. Maybe a minute or two at most. After it was done, it was just cleaning up and then a quick ultrasound to check everything is ok.

I took a minute or two to slowly get up cos I have a history of blacking out from low blood pressure. Then got dressed and was done. Gynae told me a bit more about what he did and what I should or should not do (i.e. don’t Google and believe everything you read haha). He said there would be some cramping for about 2 weeks. After that, I may or may not get my period or I may get some spotting during the time I am supposed to get my period. In any case, my period is not back yet.

Basically, some spotting is ok. Some cramping is ok. If I start bleeding, then must go back and check.

I rested a bit in the clinic before I left. Went to buy lunch but while queuing, I got a bit woozy again and sat down for a while. The cramping was pretty bad for the first 30mins or so. Something like early contractions during active labour type. Doc gave me some painkillers so I took it at the clinic. It did get better although still crampy for about 2 hours? Over the day, could feel the cramps but mild. I think I only felt better about 4-5 hours after the procedure.

So that is basically it. Sorry I can’t give more detail, only a description of MY OWN experience. It probably sounds worse than it really is.

Nothing like peace of mind really. And now I can free up brain space for things other than remembering to take my contraceptive pills. 😂😂😂

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