Sick days

I’m lying in bed with a 10-kg sack of rice of top of me.

Said-rice-sack is running a fever, and had puked milk once and then, followed by his dinner of rice with soup after that. Thankfully, the damage is contained to my PJs, his PJs and a bit of the bedsheet, WHICH, I cannot take out and wash cos EB is sleeping on the bed too. Cleaned it up a bit and lay a towel over – the second towel since the first was puked on (his dinner).

It’s all not that bad.

But let’s backtrack a little.

Text from our dearest PD yesterday on the latest virus that EB caught. When we were at the clinic on Wednesday, she checked ED too, and said he’d probably caught it already even though he was fine. How right she was. Sigh.

He started coughing on Friday, which was ok, cos he has always been quite phlegmy. He was still full of energy and super active, jumping around and singing.

And then, after his nap this morning…

Jeng jeng jeng jeng!!!

But still so happy!!!

Gave them some fruits – which he did not finish…not usual for a fruit lover like him!

Fed this one strawberries by hand. Haiyoh, I only did it cos she was sick ok? I told her that. Haha

If you caught my IGstory, you might have seen snippets of the USAF Pacific Band playing at Timbre+. We headed there for dinner cos I thought good for the kids to have some fresh air instead of cooped up at home all day. On hindsight, it might have been a bad idea. Cos they were all so lethargic after a while. Both fell asleep towards the end of the set and it was LOUD! I felt bad about it, but hey, the husband enjoyed it very much! Nothing like a 10-pc band with a horn section! I would have also enjoyed it if the kids were not so unwell.

Anyway, we came home and I showered ED to help bring the fever down. Poor thing was shivering in the shower even though I used warm water. I gave him a stool to sit since he could not stand properly. His fever did come down but he was still lethargic. For once, he wasn’t jumping and running away from me changing him. I felt so sorry for the poor little dude. EB had a wipe down and changed to her PJs. We gave them a bottle of milk and put them to bed.

ED was nursing when all of a sudden, he coughed and puked. That was the first. After we cleaned him up, and put him down again, he puked a second time. Thankfully, EB was asleep throughout.

I did not let him nurse anymore after the pukefest. And I also raised his head on a pillow so it helps him breathe/sleep better. But because he did not nurse, plus he was (still is) feverish, he has been sleeping fitfully. Would wake up and say “no no” or when I came in to comfort him, he would ask for “nai nai” and beg me “mummy mummy nai nai!” Aiyoh poor thing. But I had to be firm la, or else whole night puke and change meh? At least for a few hours.

So far so good. Except now he wants me to be human mattress. And he is still quite warm. Hope he fights the virus, both of them, and may the fever break tomorrow.


Spent last night and a bit of this afternoon saving my Dayre posts. I only managed to save from Nov 2013 (few posts in the early months so very easy to save) up to April 2015. Alamak, still have the rest of 2015, 2016, 2017 and this year! Oh my goodness! But it’s interesting to go through the posts again, albeit briefly. EB saw herself on a few of them and said “that’s me! Baby Emma!” Hahaha so cute!

I’ve had so many comments on Dayre and emails from so many of you who have been absolutely sweet and so kind with your words. I feel so overwhelmed at this community of ladies – mummies and non-mummies, a couple of daddies (haha), whether known readers or silent ones – you’ve all been just soooo kind and wonderful and encouraging to me. I sometimes feel inadequate, but yet very flattered that you all think I am some supermom. I am far from it. I always say, I just do my best, try my best, and sometimes I am not at my best – but we do what we do for our kids, for our families. I’m human too. I have my weaknesses and days where I just lose it. It happens to the best of us, and I am far from it.

Anyway, I still feel a tinge of bitterness towards how Dayre turned out. I know there are petitions and what-nots going around to “save Dayre”. To be honest, I don’t want to invest my efforts or energy into it anymore than I already have. It’s like any other relationships. Some are worth fighting for, some just are best kept at status quo, and some, it’s ok for them to slip away or for you to let go. I’m fine with that. Do I feel sad about it? Of course. Did I wish it had not come to that? Definitely. But do I want to do something about it? No. Not really.

Aiyah this was not meant to be about Dayre la!

I hope I can find time to ramble on around here. I do enjoy writing and just recording my day, my life. It’s weird to just suddenly stop (although that means my IG has suddenly come more alive – thank you new followers hahaha).

Well, have a good rest of the weekend!!

4 thoughts on “Sick days

  1. Churra

    30 over of us at reunion dinner just now. More than 50% of us were sick. All flu virus with on off fever, cough, diarrhea etc. My cousin’s girl vomited 20 times.. And no hospital in sg for her to admit. Public, private, all classes. All full.
    I have been sick for 11 days. Haaaa.
    Take care pls.


  2. About ED and EB, I hope they get well soon! We’re on the same boat so I know how you feel. I’ve been waking up every 2 hours the whole night and I thank Jesus it’s still Sunday cos I’ve no work.

    For dayre, hey I echo your sentiments. I’ve no more desire to spend any more efforts. It’s a bad break up!


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