How I managed to get AWESOME seats to Jacky Cheung Classic Tour 2018 – Singapore (11 Feb 2018)

Sometime last month, my sister (I’ve got two younger sisters) asked if we wanted to go watch Jacky Cheung’s concert together. We’ve not done many “sisterly” things together cos…life, you know. I won’t even say that we are very close or if we shared our secrets with each other. We’re sisters. We fight, we make up, we forget some, we remember others, but whatever it is, we are family (*cue Sister Sledge song) and we support and stick wit each other through everything.

So, anyway, the one who asked, E, said she had lobang for the concert tickets. Cos you know, the concert is on Feb and we were talking about it in Jan. Like hello? Sold out already ba! So since she had connections, we were like “YEAH LET’S DO DIS!”.

Few whatsapp exchanges later, turns out, her lobang is from her good friend who in turn is good friends with someone who was a member of the concert crew.

That’s not the best part.

The best part is…

That crew member.





Trust my sister, always give bad intel. She cannot be a spy or intel officer. 😂😂

Anyway, so I proceed to ask this friend who then broke the news to me:

The concert cannot be MORE sold out.


She said she could have helped me order if I told her waaaay earlier but I was a bit late. But she was super nice and told me if any tickets dropped from the sky (her words, not mine), she would let me know. In the meantime, I told her I would get EB to pray for me in her bedtime prayer. Which I did that night.

A week later, I got a text from her saying she may be able to get some tickets. I was super eggcited! It would be the most expensive tix and she asked if I was alright with it. OF COURSE LA!!!

And then at the end of Jan, I got another text from her. CONFIRM! Wooooots!!! Wah I could not believe it man. So anyway, the crew were off to NYC for that leg of the concert and I would be given deets only when they returned.

Fast forward a week later, we settled the transaction and wooooooo, we got tix!!

But hor, we did not get to see the tix up till the day of the concert itself, which was Sunday 11 Feb 2018. My sister, E, the would-be-failed-intel-officer went to collect the tickets cos I was bogged down with sick babies at home.

Ladies and gentlemen…we got…


And 2 tickets at the 5th row. My sister E was kind enough to offer to take the 5th row seats with her friend, while my little sis and I took the first row.

ORHMARGARRRRRD!! Could we BE more near?!?! Any nearer, and we’ll need to go on stage liao!

So so blessed. Seriously. Never in a million years, I would think we could sit in the first row at the concert of a superstar much less a 歌神!!! This kind of tickets, 有钱也买不到 (money can’t buy)!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Bear with me.

The concert was INCREDIBLE.

It wasn’t perfect but you could see the amount of energy and hard work and thought that went into creating this entire performance. I was blown away by the stage design and elaborate sets. I loved that he did a good mix of Cantonese and Mandarin hits. My favourite was the medley at the end where he did all the most classic and KTV-worthy ones. It was a huge singalong. The lighting was fantastic and even our light sticks were all coordinated by the lighting team. The sound was so good and so clear, you could hear every vulnerability or sometimes a wrong or flat/sharp note here and there. It is what makes it such an authentic and personal experience. Nobody is there to listen to perfection. We wanted to have a good time, relive the old days, bring back the memories of the moments when we heard those songs. It was just fantastic!

Kudos to everyone involved in the concert. I was incredibly proud of the Singaporean crew members #sgrepresent, whom Jacky named as he went around thanking everybody. Such humility. Ahhh

Oh we had a special segment that the other 139 shows did not, and that was a live exchange in HK where Jacky’s godpa, the veteran actor Woo Fung was celebrating his 86th birthday. The banter was lively and funny and we also scored a bonus song from Jacky! Yes!!

So if any of you still have a chance to get tickets to his concerts at the other venues around the world, DO GO! It’s worth the experience!! And I’m not just saying it cos I got to sit in the first row. 😆😆

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