This week’s random updates.

I can’t/don’t want/don’t know how/can’t be bothered to figure out how to update on wordpress like how I used to on Dayre. So I won’t bother. In any case, I update rather frequently on IG/IG stories these days. Not sure I wanna duplicate it here cos it just seems like so much work. So maybe I will just do random weekly updates here for record or if I have something urgent/important to say or need to rant/vent, then I will do it here.

Ok, so let’s see what pictures I have. Lolol

Let’s start on Sunday. Anyone starts your week on a Sunday like I do? Haha. After church, the husband brought us to Paragon. I had told him that the Muji hardcase luggage was on 20% off and Sunday was their last day. So we went to take a look. We bought one medium size one in Tokyo last year and really liked it. So we were thinking maybe get the largest one and also a cabin size one for myself. They did not have the largest one in black, but we found a super small cabin one which suited EB! So we got her and I a cabin bag each. XS and S sizes. Hahaha

I spotted this Moana knock-off on our way to the carpark and D said to get it for the Moana-obsessed one.

So pleased with her “Movan” toy. 😂😂

We decided to check out the Muji flagship at PS. Woah that one is a HUGE store. And we found the largest black luggage case. So we got it. ED is waiting to pay here.

So cute! Had to take a pic together. He is much better now. Was so clingy and whiney the week he was sick, it really got to both D and I. He is back to his pleasant, cheerful and cute self now.

Found the Japanese surprise eggs at Iroha Mart! So ex though. $4.90 each. But we are suckers la, so we bought 10 for EB. I told her that she can only open 2 each time. So far, we’ve opened 4 cos #whatyoudunseeyoudunremember. 🙄

[Sidenote: Getting a bit annoyed at WP cos it keeps crashing on me when I try to upload too many pics at once. Grrr…]

Monday: We had a CNY lunch gathering at Nat’s where we were spoilt with a feast!

All yummy but my absolute fav has got to be the 算盘子! I could have easily accounted for 1/4 of it being eaten. And I would have taken the leftover home if I did not have somewhere else to be after the lunch!

Homemade 杨枝甘露 omgosh!!! 😱😱

So if you followed me on IGstories, you would have known that I was really tired that day and my fuse was super short with this little one. But she surprised me with her very gracious and matured reply that got me thinking about my own behaviour. I have been trying to not blow my too at them since, but I may have raised my voice once or twice too. It’s a challenge, but we just got to keep trying and keep learning, right, mamas?

Tuesday and it’s back to Kindermusik for this monkey! He was happy to be back after skipping a week cos we were sick. What is it with boys and having to put a stick in a cavity har?? 😂😂 #sorryifyouareoffendedbythis #justsayingwhatIsee

EB also went for her pony riding lesson. She was a bit distracted cos she was at the bigger arena and was looking out for ED and I. We were further away and she kept looking to see where we were. Anyway, she had a good class despite not napping. I have a dilemma now on Mon and Tue where her classes are at 3-ish. So I don’t know if I should make her do a short nap (about an hour or less), or keep her up and go for class, and maybe nap later (which affects bedtime). We did not have swimming this week which usually is right after pony riding, cos the coach is away, but I will usually make them nap on Tuesdays before class. Sigh, we’ll see how it goes.

Breakfast date with this cutie on Wednesday!

EB went for her second Lil Ninja class and she was a bit teary cos she did not want to wear her uniform. She said it was uncomfortable – too big, stiff and scratchy methinks. So anyway, I gave her an ultimatum to wear it and join the class OR we go home. She eventually wore it and joined the class, and really enjoyed it. I have gone to soak her uniform with softener to see if it helps make it less stiff and scratchy.

After class, we went to meet Daddy near his office for dinner. Made a pit-stop at Lamb Cupcakery since I promised her she could have a mini one before dinner. She had just the cream cheese and sprinkle frosting while I had the cake. Yumz!

Lil Boss watching videos on Daddy’s phone while waiting for him to use the loo. A bit too close so I corrected her after taking this photo.

Oh, thanks to her, ED now knows how to ask for “ee-deo ee-deo” too. My usual reply is “no”, and he usually does not whine for more. Usually.

Thursday morning and these two were particularly affectionate towards Louis. EB kept asking Louis to lie on her leg while ED kept stroking him. I think Louis got a bit annoyed but he is really very VERY patient with the kids.

Dude got himself a cuppa and was walking and drinking like mummy. Haha, still have milk dripping from his mouth!

EB had her first school excursion for this year. They went to the Botanic Gardens for a walk and had a picnic and games. Looks like they had a lot of fun and she was knackered out after that. KOed in the stroller on the way home!

While waiting for EB to have her golf lesson, this dude was fiddling with my hair. He finds it funny when he pulls my hair and I yelp on pain. PAIN LEH!!

After golf, we went for dinner followed by Timbre+ to catch our fav band 53A play. EB had a song dedication by a secret admirer who dedicated the song Pricetag by Jessie J to the “cute dancing queen in yellow polo tee”! Hahaha she really was dancing away! ED too but not as expressive as Jiejie. Lolz.

Screenshot from my IGstories cos no pics today. Friday is generally our free day. ED has MyGym in the morning, but that is all. I really need a breather from all the scheduling, travelling and rushing around every Monday to Thursday.

Not sure if we are doing too much. It does feel like A LOT for EB, although all of her classes are only 20/30-45mins long. I constantly ask her if she enjoys herself and if she wants to continue, and she always says yes. I suppose she is at the age of exploration, and she can also do it now cos we have time. Once she starts P1, we may not have the time or be able to do so much. She may then have to decide what she wants to continue with and what she doesn’t.

Plus I really need to learn driving. I think that would MOST definitely help with the physical exhaustion plus, once we move, it will be a longer travelling time. At least they can nap in the car?!?

This week, I am also contemplating getting a double stroller cos both of them keep fighting over who sits on the stroller (and who gets on the buggy board), but I don’t know how to broach the topic with the husband without him nagging at me about why we need so many strollers. I have 3 by the way. Been trying to sell my Aprica but not many serious offers leh. Been also trying to sell some of my Tula carriers but also no serious offers.

Eh, anyone want me to review double stroller??? Hit me up! 😂😂 #desperatetimes

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