Thoughts about (learning) driving

Sitting at an airconditioned food court cos…

Yup. He knocked out after Kindermusik. We managed to make our way to Koi before he got so sleepy and asked to nurse. Then tada, Mr Sweaty here fell asleep and has been napping in the Tula for about…45mins or so.

My neck and shoulder though…not great.

#tmi here but I also have the feeling to poop but got to, well, hold it in.

Can one hold poop in? Apparently, one can. Hahahaha

Anyway, I need to keep my mind off the aches and poop, so here I am, typing away on WordPress.

Have been busy replying to DMs on IG too. Cos I had asked about driving lessons, and got some really good info and recommendations. So the thing is this.

Why do you need to learn driving?

Well…I don’t have a license? Lolz. I actually passed both my basic and advanced theory tests like eons ago, but the advanced theory has expired. I just found out that there are records of my having passed basic, so wheee! No need to take that again.

A better answer to the question is that I am thinking ahead. In the near future, we will be moving further from EB’s (and eventually ED’s) school. No intention to change schools cos we really like this school and they don’t have another branch anywhere else. So we will stick to this. Which means a travelling time (on the road) will be about 30-45mins depending on traffic as opposed to 10-15mins walk now. Then there is also all the classes they go for. There is ballet, pony riding, swimming, golf, Lil Ninjas (martial arts), piano, Kindermusik, MyGym and Chengzhu (for ED). Granted they are all located at the same 3 locations, but again, once we move, travelling will be nuts. And the amount of stuff I have to bring each time – stroller, diaper/my bag, change of clothes, equipment and uniform…it is literally crazy. So being able to drive would definitely help with that! I think being able to nap in the car (although not ideal) is also more comfortable for the kids then napping on the go or taking super short, insufficient naps, or missing nap altogether.

In the longer-term future, it’s also when ED starts primary school. EB had the advantage of living near her primary school (like across the road) but ED will have to travel. Yeah we have sorted their schools out cos the husband and I are both alumni in our respective single-sex schools. So I may have to send ED to school, or he will have to take school bus, which is ok going but coming home when he has CCA or ECA or afterschool activities, would be tough. Until he gets older and can take public transport, that is.

So yeah…I think I now regret not getting my license years ago. Sigh.

So, school or private?

I know, I know. School has higher pass-rate, can book more/less classes depending on what you want, can even choose instructor if you want, test dates are closer, etc etc. But I am leaning towards private simply cos I don’t think I can take many lessons at a go now anyway. ED is perpetually attached to me. I cannot have anyone babysit him, except maybe on the weekends. IF my husband is free or if my parents can help, and that is a BIG IF. Unless I wait till ED starts school next year. But that is another 10 months to go! We are probably moving in June. I thought, better start now, and slowly but surely get to the point where I can test and try and get my licence? Slow and steady also can win the race, right? I dun need to win la. Just pass enough. Lololz. At least have hope that I can stop depending on taxis to get everywhere and lug the whole house with me?

So yeah, those are my preliminary thoughts.

Now I got to go pick EB up from school. #lifeofamom #lifeofansahm

While waiting for EB to be dismissed (yes, that’s our packed chicken rice for lunch), I suddenly thought, how nice if I could drive, then I can start slowly moving things to the new home. The amount of things I can bring over now is limited to what I/my stroller can carry, and I also have to do it when the kids have no classes which is…only Friday now. OR wait for the husband to drive there, but it does not happen 🙄.

So yah lah! Listen to your mom, folks. If she says take your driving license, take it. Don’t live to regret like meeeeee!!! 😭😭😭

20 thoughts on “Thoughts about (learning) driving

  1. SarangAyo

    Jiayou supermom! 💪🏼 Hope you can find a good private instructor to teach u around ur area. Its defn more convenient than traveling to and fro to the school for the numerous sessions.


  2. I also took my license really late like after I had miss notti. I went by the school route and took only 6 months to get my license. You can take a few lessons at once whenever you have someone who can babysit.


  3. Churra

    Me too. Procrastinating forever. For 10 yrs i stayed just opposite driving centre, but i took and passed the basic theory there only. Lol!!!
    Last yr i made up my mind to learn. Went to the centre, super long queue, I left.
    A while later, we got into a pretty bad accident, and it haunted me till now. 😭😭😭😭 Wish i can get back the courage to learn again. You jiayou babe!!! Maybe ur upcoming driving posts can motivate me.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Eh same. I have no driver’s license lol. Not that we can afford a car at the moment but it would be so much convenient if I already know how to drive and can just drive when we do eventually get a car! Perth is so wide spread its actually quite essential to have one!

    Liked by 1 person

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