Things ED says…

ED just turned 21 months, and I feel like I have not been diligent enough when it comes to recording down his milestones or development. Not as much as I did for EB anyway. #fateofsecondchild

He’s been a little chatterbox, speaking a lot more although half the time, it sounds like gibberish. You can make out a word or two here and there, but it’s cute when he tries to make conversation or when EB and him and interacting (and EB would genuinely try to have a dialogue with him. Super cute!!), or when he replies to me. I love it when I give him instructions or tell him what we are doing next and he goes “OK” (sounds like “oh-teh” 😂😂).

Ok, so let’s list down what he can say on his own right now (not including things he say by imitation only which is a LOT).

(Recording what it sounds like in parenthesis haha.)



Jiejie (jeh-jeh)


Gong Gong (tjong tjong)


Kor Kor (dor dor)

Louis (wee wee – just like EB used to call)

Clap, Tap, Pat (all sounds like ‘peh’ so need to see his action)

No, no-no, nooooooo (super clear)

Oh no! (Dramatically)

Nai-Nai (as in milk in bottle or boobs or when referring to my Tula, also very clear)

There (deh complete with finger pointing)

Shoe/s (shuu)

Ball (bor)

Walk (woh!)

OK (oh-teh)

Drop, Dog (all sounds like “daw4 daw4” – think hanyupinyin 4th sound)

Please (pee but he doesn’t say pee when he pees)

Poopoo (can also mean pee – basically anything diaper related)

Bubble (refers not only to actual bubbles but also anything bath-related or vapour coming out of air purifiers)

Monkey (ma-tee, not necessarily referring to the animal but the act of hanging, cos he learnt this at swimming when holding onto the pool ledge and moving along the ledge)

Paddle, paddle (peh-ya peh-ya – also swimming related)


Hello (he-yo)

Bye bye (buh-bye)

再见 zaijian (zah-zen)

老师 laoshi (yao-zhi)

I love you (ai-ya-yuuuu this one needs prompting)

我爱你 wo ai ni (also needs prompting)

Umbrella (uhm-beh-ya or uhm-beeya)

Rock (wok)

Row row (as in row your boat – woah woah)

Video (bee-deo – sigh, jiejie’s influence)

TV (veeeee – also jiejie’s influence)

Beep (beeee – can refer to anything that beeps, thermometers, intercom, card scanners like for Passion Card or VISA Paywave, or using phone to make payment or making payment in general)

When you ask “what’s your name?”, he goes “eh-yao” cos he cannot pronounce Eliel (eh-lee-yell).

My PT helper’s name.


I want (he recently also learnt this from Jiejie)

Eat (ee4 – He started saying “I ee” yesterday when asking for ice cream from jiejie instead of the usual “Ahhhhh” open mouth wide)

Mum-mum (as in food, more so snacks)

Book (booh)

Bible (bi-buh)

Jesus (jee-jush)


Amen (eh-meh – can also knows to say it after we say “in Jesus’ name we pray”)

Lao Ma (as in my granny – yao mah)

Head (heh – followed by touching the head)

Toes (tohhh – followed by touching toes)

Hug (hah)

Balloon (be-yoon or just yoooon)

Throw (dohh)

Out (ow)



Bib (bip)




Asks for water by coughing (cos when he was younger, we would give him water whenever he coughed and now he has made that connection)

Can say 1-10 in English and Chinese but with some prompting. He likes to go “3, 4, 5” like “tee, por, pi” the most. Haha

Do these boys look like they are up to no good? Haha

Something I found interesting about him is that while EB had a rebellious nature (as in she would do it even if you tell her not to), ED is much more sensitive to emotions and facial expressions. Like I just have to look at him in a disapproving way and he will either cheekily smile at me and not do it, or he will walk away downcast. That never or hardly happened with EB. Also, if I say “no no” or “eh eh” to warn him not to do something, he will also drop it or walk away if he knows he is not supposed to. He may try again but he will not cry or whine when I say no to things like touching the vacuum cleaner or touching wires.

He is also very good with songs. Some days, I can almost hear him singing the Moana song. Haha

He can understand a lot now and I can talk and explain to him with logic these days, which is refreshing. He still has his toddler tantrums of course, but we are both learning to manage it.

That’s all I can recall right now. Will edit and update if I can think of more. Haha

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