Knock knock!

Anyone still here???

Ok, if I can still get “Likes” from 2% of my followers, I’ll update something here.
[Edit: Dropped from 5% to 2% la YOU HAPPY NOW @wsjywsjy?!?]

Not trying to be funny or what but, the uncertainty of Dayre is really very off-putting. BUT I feel like I owe it to everyone here who has supported me and have been so encouraging to me over the past 4 years. So if I update, it is for YOU YOU YOU! ❤️❤️❤️

Wahhh thanks guys!!! For entertaining my nonsense. Lololz.

Ok la, some super quick updates.

So, remember my quest for the double stroller on IG? I had a hashtag for it but silly me, I forgot what it was. Lololol.

Anyway after quite a few hinting and some persuasion of the emotional blackmail kind, D gave me the go ahead to get a double stroller. Heh heh heh

I found a really good deal on Qoo10 using the shop coupon plus Qoo10 members’ coupon plus shopback and tada paid only $327.46 instead of the retail price of $399!

Got it in a few days and set it up in no time!! It was pretty easy to install. It came mostly as-is, except for the wheels (all 12 of them) and the canopy!

Fits snugly inside our boot which already has a Bugaboo Bee with buggy board inside!

First use was to the Botanic Gardens!!!

I’m forever using food as bribe to get them on it.

But when ED is tired, all he wants is nai-nai ( . )( . )!

We’ve done several MRT rides with it.

When ED wants nai-nai, he gets nai-nai.

EB has slept in it too. She’s playing peekaboo here.

And school runs of course!! That’s the most crucial use of all! Now I can get them both safely to school and home without breaking my back. Just break legs only. 40kg in all leh!!!

Chouchou bunny gets to sit in it too sometimes.

Fav part about having the double stroller is seeing how the two of them interact. It is absolutely the cutest. When ED fusses on it, EB would try to cheer him up by doing funny things, singing his fav songs or making funny faces for him. And ED adores doing everything jiejie does, as usual. And they’ve also learnt to share snacks and drinks on it, although now, whenever I bring snacks, I must bring two of the same thing. So NO fighting!

See! ED can asks to sit in it by himself now!! #strollertraininginprogress

Also finally bought another car seat so that ED can be safe in the car, since Jiejie did not want to give up her car seat and use the in-built booster seat in our car.

Installed it one night while they slept.

Looked good!!! I loved it and couldn’t wait for ED to try it.

But someone had first dips on it and says it’s HER carseat now. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

I knew it would happen!

She loved the cup holders (yes 2!!) as much as I did. Daddy also liked the new car seat.

Well as long as Didi isn’t complaining. And is safe in a car seat.

Sometimes I sit in the middle but I try not to cos ED will whine and ask for boobs. #cowlife

Started the March holidays going back to #cdeejia to sort out some things while Daddy brought Louis to the vet for his review.

Jiejie sat in for ED’s Kindermusik and took on my role for a while.

She still had her pony riding lessons.

Brought them to Jurong Bird Park. First time for them.

EB asked to take a photo with the flamingoes on her own.

She literally shoved me off when I asked to join in. 🙄

We took a walk downtown after her Lil Ninjas class. I was being garang and did not bring a stroller that day. At all!

#bffs were reunited at a workshop conducted by Tickle Your Senses. @iamzeone

So happy!!

3 burglers! Hahahaha

Brought the kids for their overdue haircuts. EB is a pro by now. So she had her trim first while Didi watched onnn

Then it was Didi’s first time on his own on the chair.

He was so good!!! Did not cry or whine. Just bravely sat there and allowed the hairdresser to cut/shave.



Brought them to Disney On Ice. EB asked to dress up as Belle.

She was sooooo excited! Every time a character came on, she would jump on her seats and yell the character’s name!

This one…sked! But he did warm up later on and enjoyed it too.

We had the best seats in the house. Husband said I did well 😁👍🏻✌🏻

Ended the holidays celebrating Chloe’s first birthday!! It was a fruity birthday party!!! Only brought ED and he likey!!! @wsjywsjy

Eh, @wsjywsjy you made it sound like 70 likes was so impossible, but got 120 le leh!! That is… *use fingers use toes to count*…almost 8% youmeiyou! 🤣🤣🤣


I think a good way to balance out my feelings for Dayre and also work out a good mix of usage between IG and Dayre could be something like this. IG would be for moment-to-moment snippets while Dayre could be a summary of what we’ve been up to and any other verbal diarrhoea (or do u all prefer ‘vomit’ hahahaha).

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