Tokyo 2018 – Part 2

Alamak! My post got split up!! Nvm continue la huh.


Ok I have mentioned this place when I did a summary of my previous Tokyo trip. In short, it is a shopping haven for people with babies/toddlers. I wished I knew about it when I had babies. They also have some clothes for older toddlers/children but more for babies and younger todds la. Also the place to stock up on my Madonna Horse Oil cream and Richell bottles and replacement straws. AND, you can shop tax free immediately! Best part about Japan really.

Rows upon rows of Gachapon machines for EB. Spoilt for choice!

We also walked past the Character Street near Tokyo station and EB of cos must get more toys from the gachapon!

KIDDYLAND! Hello, toys haven!!!

HK sakura edition merchandise!

If you are at Kiddyland, remember to head to the back and eat Luke’s Lobster roll!! Omgosh sooooo good!!!

There maybe a long queue but so worth it pls. We were there at about 6 and there was hardly a queue. Heng ahh!! Shirley started queuing for us cos she was there before us so when we arrived, we just waited for the order. D and I whacked 2 each. Lololz. Hungry leh!


While looking for the Orbis store at Ginza, D and EB chanced upon this performer and were enthralled.

She even took a photo with him. Lolz.



First, it’s Japan. The quality of food here is really high. Even those buy-to-go food at the convenience store. We had a kitchenette but I did not cook at all cos hello, holiday hor. But no la, there was no real need for us to cook since the kids can eat outside food.

But because we kinda messed up timings for naps and meals, the kids would either sleep through their mealtimes and have milk, or would eat very little.

If they did eat, it was mostly pasta, udon/ramen, sushi (ikura and tobiko sushi 🍣 always works), or rice dishes like omurice, rice with soup, etc. Or worse case, they have fries and nuggets/sausages kind of fast food.

Sorry I have no documentation of what we ate except for Peter Rabbit Cafe. Haha

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