(Review + Discount Code) Sudio NIVÅ – Truly Wireless Earphones

With both kids in school now, I am slowly but surely savouring my revived freedom. For at least 4 hours everyday, I can do what I want – eat what I want, listen to what I want, watch whatever shows or YouTube-surf without any little beings crowding my space to try and see what is on my phone or asking to watch some Princess or Choo-choo Train videos (so typical right? Haha). And to celebrate this milestone, I’d been looking for a nice pair of wireless earphones for myself, cos wires irritate me big time (big Mom bag).

So I was EXTREMELY stoked when Sudio offered to send me a pair of their Sudio NIVÅ – their newly-launched first-ever truly wireless earphones collection. The Sudio NIVÅ earphone comes with a cute portable charging case, which also provides an additional 4 charges. Each charge gives you about 3.5 hours of battery life, which brings a total play time to a whopping 17.5 hours

Previously, I’d had another brand’s earphones which were connected to my phone by Bluetooth but had a wire connecting the left and right earplugs. Even then, the wires would somehow entangle inside my bag or it will just get in the way of my hair, bag handles, LIFE, etc when I was using it. The sound was also a little delayed which, if you were watching a show or live concert videos, can be very disruptive and annoying to the viewer. NONE of these problems with the Sudio NIVÅ. There are no wires at all, and the audio quality is just so clear and crisp. I find myself blasting my songs a bit louder than usual just so that I can fully immerse myself in audio bliss. I swear, it brings an extra bounce to my step.

The Sudio NIVÅ has a distinctive minimalist yet elegant Scandinavian/Swedish design and style; it is also a sweat-proof accessory and comes with 3 pairs of different-sized sleeves for a secure fit and comfort for your ears. I’ve got weird ears that stick out like a trophy handle (true story), so fit and comfort is extremely important for me.

Besides the gorgeous Pink, Sudio NIVA comes in 2 other colours – Black and White.

Good news for all of you looking to get a pair for yourself or your loved ones (V-Day is coming up~~~):

1. Use my promo code “CALVINADAWN” and get a 15% discount on your purchases from www.sudio.com

2. SUDIO Sweden is also having an exclusive 2019 Valentine’s Day promotionFREE Gift Package AND an additional 10% discount for purchases of two or more earphones AND FREE Delivery Worldwide.

P/S: Sudio Sweden sent me a pair of the Sudio NIVÅ Pink for this review. All additional opinions and comments are my own.

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